Jennifer Sheppard

Not Fade Away
The Photography of Jen Sheppard

Welcome! I've long been the resident photographer among family and friends. But moving to bucolic Morris County, New Jersey, and becoming a mom have both renewed old and afforded me new inspiration. Farmhouses! Horses! Children! You get the picture, literally. I'm a self-taught photographer who sees picture taking as a creative endeavor. Whereas I appreciate camera manipulation and posed and structured photographs, I much prefer to work with the sun's natural light in candid settings. I'm also a licensed social worker; I see my subjects, what's inside, the soul, the stories. I not only want you to look at my pictures… I want my pictures to look at you. I've been called a documentarian and, frankly, I like that. It embodies all that I want my work to stand for: creativity, soul, and story-telling.

I specialize in the following photography:
* landscape and architecture (occupied and abandoned, historic);
* childhood; and
* equestrian (competition, horse and rider, barn and field)

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